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Viewing Class Engagement

Instructors can use the class engagement tool to view grade statistics and monitor student access to the course and discussion boards:

These options can help instructors track participation and reach out to students

Use the Class Engagement Dashboard

  1. Select Classlist from the course navigation bar.
  2. Select the Class Engagement button.
  3. The Class Engagement dashboard will load. The following options can be used to verify student participation:
    • A box under the "Class Engagement" heading populates the number of students who have not accessed the course in the past week. Select this box to view a list of those students. Select the box again to go back to the main dashboard view.
    • The "Grade Distribution" box shows a graph of current class grades. Select one of the bars on the graph to view students in that grade range. Select clear to remove the filter.

View Individual Users

  1. Go to Classlist
  2. Select Class Engagement.
  3. Select the name of the student to view their Class Progress page.
  4. Select the pieces of student information to view corresponding pages from their class progress:
    • Under "Current Grade" select the percentage to view grade progress.
    • Under "Last Visited" select the number of days to view course access progress.
    • Under "Discussions" select the number of threads or replies to view discussions progress.

Email Students from the Class Engagement Dashboard

  1. Go to Classlist. 
  2. Select Class Engagement.
  3. (Optional) Filter the list of students to those who have not accessed the course in the past week or within a certain grade range using the "Grade Distribution" box.
  4. Select the checkboxes next to the users that should receive the email. To email all students, select the box next to "Name" or the​ Email Class button.
  5. Select the Email Selected button to draft and send the email.