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List Instructions

Creating a List is the first step in the SmartForms process. It must be completed first.

Creating a New SharePoint List

You will want to create your list at the subsite level. You may want to start by creating a new page for your form to live on, if the page does not exist already. You will then create the list in the subsite above that page. 

1. Go to the subsite, click Site Actions in the upper left corner, and select View All Site Content

2. Click on the Create button. 

click create

3. Select Custom List.

4. Give your list a name and click No for "Display this list on the Quick Launch?" Or, if you don't see it, expand More Options and select No when it asks to display the list on quick launch. *THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT: If you accidentally don't click No, you will need to put in a TSC ticket to have the word "LIST" removed from the left navigation of the subsite you're in.

5. Click Create.

Your list has been created! You need to populate it with the fields for your form. You should already know what these fields will be. To make things easier, you should create them in the order you want them to appear on the form.

Populating the List

Now we will add all the fields that we want to display in the form as columns. The type of the columns can be configured for each field.

1. In the ribbon, click on the List Settings button. 
If your first field will be the filler's name, let's start by making that the first field.
2. Click on the Title column link.
3. Replace the word "Title" with the word "Name" and click OK.
name the column

Each of the remaining columns can be added by clicking Create Column.
Let's create the column "Email" with DePaul email address verification through a formula.
1. Create a new field by clicking Create Column.
create column
2. Type the word "Email" in the column name and set the type to "Single line of text."
3. Select Yes under "Require that this column contains information."
4. Expand Column Validation, and copy and paste the following formula into the Formula box:
=AND(ISERROR(FIND(" ",Email,1)),IF(ISERROR(FIND("@",Email,2)),FALSE,AND(ISERROR(FIND("@",Email,FIND("@",Email,2)+1)),IF(ISERROR(FIND(".",Email,FIND("@",Email,2)+2)),FALSE,FIND(".",Email,FIND("@",Email,2)+2)
5. Copy and paste the following into the User Message box:
Format DePaul Email Address (
email validation example
6. Click OK.

If you need to edit the list in the future, go to the List via Site Actions > View All Site Content, and then when you select the list, in the ribbon under List Tools, click on the List tab and then click List Settings (to the right, the icon is yellow with a gray gear symbol). Then you can click on the columns you made and edit them.

After your list is complete, go to the Web Part Instructions for a step-by-step guide to adding the SmartForms Standard Web Part to the page where your form will be surfaced.