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Web Part Instructions

Adding the web part is the second step in the process.

The web part is called Smart Form Standard Web Part, and it is in the Smart Components folder.
The web part needs to be inserted on the page in order to display the form. If you haven't created it already, create a page where you want the form to be surfaced. Do not add any other content to this page other than the SmartForm web part.

1. Edit the page, and click in the Main Content area. In the Insert tab in the ribbon, click Web Part.

2. Under categories, click on the Smart Components folder, select Smart Form Standard Web Part, and click Add.

3. Click Edit Web Part from the dropdown menu that appears when you hover over the top right corner of the web part, and click the down arrow. Once you click Edit Web Part, a new menu appears.

4. Now we'll configure the web part by clicking Configure Web Part.

Go on to Configuration Guide​ for instructions on how to configure the web part. We'll select the list and the columns from the list that we want to appear, then configure the buttons and show you how to send a link to the form submissions to an internal email inbox.