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SmartForms Upgrade

SmartForms were updated across university sites in Fall of 2017. View updated instructions for the new version of SmartForms:

Full Updated Instructions PDF

1. List Instructions (same as old version)

2. Web Part Instructions (same as old version)

3. Configuration (updated!)

4. Advanced Configuration (new!)

You are welcome to re-attend an in-person SmartForms training. If you are interested in attending, please contact

What has Changed in the New Version

Not a whole lot changed overall, but the process is simpler. The process of creating the List and the first steps of creating the SmartForm are the same. The bulk of the changes are in the SmartForms web part configuration interface when choosing the fields and editing the look and feel of the form itself.

You'll notice the following upgrades to the SmartForms web part editing experience:

  • Drag and drop fields from the List into the form
    • Rearrange and reorder fields with the drag and drop feature
  • Rename fields for increased clarity in the configuration settings
  • Add simple widgets within the form
    • Customize the Submit button with the Submit widget
    • Add headers and descriptions above or below fields using the Spacer widget
    • Captcha functionality via the Captcha widget
  • Default styling - no need to edit the default CSS
  • Increased customization to the post-submit Thank You message and email notification