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Setting up Group Discussions in D2L

Discussion topics can be restricted to a group that has been set up in the course site. See Creating Groups for instructions.

Note: Groups must be created before creating group discussion topics. 

  1. Create a discussion topic or choose the dropdown arrow next to an existing topic and select Edit.
  2. Select the Availability Dates & Conditions tab.
  3. Under "Group and Section Restrictions" select Manage Restrictions [A].
    screenshot of the discussion creation interface with the availability dates tab expanded
  4. Choose from the two options:
    • Restrict topic to only selected groups: This option will restrict the topic so only users in the selected groups/sections can view the topic and its threads. With this setting, each group could have its own topic with multiple threads.
    • Separate threads to create small group discussions: This option will create separate threads for each of the groups selected. With this option, each group would only be able to see their assigned thread.
  5. Choose the group under "Group or Section Category".
  6. Modify any other settings for the discussion. When complete, select Save and Close.


Once the discussion has been set up, view Participating in Discussions for information on adding threads and posting replies.