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Viewing Statistics for Discussions

The statistics tool for Discussions allows instructors to view data for a discussion forum or topic as well as for individual users. This can be used to monitor student engagement and track participation in Discussions.

View Statistics by User

  1. Select Discussions from the course navigation bar.
  2. The "Discussions List" page will open. Select the Statistics tab.
  3. The "Users" tab will open:
    • "Org Unit Statistics" show the total count of threads and replies in all forums.
    • "User Statistics" shows the classlist with the discussion board totals for each student.
  4. (Optional) Use the "View by" dropdown menu to filter by group or section instead of user. Select Apply to update the view.
    • If filtering by group, a "Groups" dropdown menu will appear with all of the course groups. Choose one and then select Apply to view only that group.
    • If filtering by section, a "Sections" dropdown menu will apear. Choose the section and then select Apply.
  5. Select the name of a student to open a new window with data like their last login to D2L and discussion group membership. The "Number of Posts" column on this page shows the data of the individual student for a listed topic or forum.

View Statistics by Forum or Topic

  1. Go to Discussions
  2. Select the Statistics tab.
  3. Select the Forum and Topics tab.
  4. A list of all Discussion forums and topics will appear. The "Number of Posts" column shows the data for each forum and topic.
  5. Select the title of a forum or topic to view statistics for total threads and replies as well as individual student data.
  6. (Optional) Use the "View by" dropdown menu to filter b​y user, groups, or sections and select Apply.