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Adding VoiceThread to a Course Site in D2L

Add VoiceThreads to a D2L course by pointing to existing VoiceThreads or by creating new VoiceThreads.    

Add VoiceThread to a Course

  1. Select Content in the course navigation bar.
  2. Go to the module where a VoiceThread should be added. 
  3. Select Add Existing Activities.  
  4. Select External Learning Tools.  
  5. Select VoiceThread
  6. The VoiceThread link has been added to the module. Select the new VoiceThread link.  
  7. To select what view will be displayed to users, select Course View, Individual VT, or Home
    • Course View: This will display all VoiceThreads that can be shared with the course. (Less commonly enabled view).
      • Select Course View
      • A success message will appear.
      • Select Refresh.
      • All VoiceThreads will be displayed.  At this point no VoiceThreads are shared with the class.
      • Share one or more VoiceThreads with the class by following the steps in  Sharing A VoiceThread.
    • Individual VT:  This will display one VoiceThread. (Most commonly enabled view).
      • Select Individual VT.
      •  A window of available VoiceThreads opens. Select the VoiceThread to be shared [A]. 
      • On the right side of the VoiceThread view, scroll down and select Share with Class [B].   
        share the VoiceThread with the class
      • A confirmation message appears. 
    • VT Home: This will display the VoiceThread home page, which lists all VoiceThreads a user has access to, including ones from other courses. This option is not recommended.
  8. Once a display option has been selected, the VoiceThread window will close, and the VoiceThread link will now be active in the course Content. Once a selection is made it cannot be modified. To undo a selection, delete the link, and repeat steps 1-8 to replace the link. The link title can be modified to something more specific; see Creating Links in the Content Area for more information.  


If setting up a link to VoiceThread Course View, confirm that the VoiceThread presentations have been shared with the course group.  View Sharing a VoiceThread more information.

For next steps on creating a new VoiceThread, see Creating a VoiceThread.​