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Adding a VoiceThread Link to D2L Content

VoiceThread can be added to a D2L course as an External Learning Tool. Depending on the goal of the assignment, students can interact with VoiceThreads through discussion formats or through presentations. 

Due to issues with accessibility, at this time VoiceThread is not recommended for lectures. See the Panopto guides for information on a tool that can be used to record lectures.

  1. Select Content in the course navigation bar.
  2. Go to the module where a VoiceThread should be added.
  3. Select Add Existing Activities.
  4. Select External Learning Tools.
  5. Select VoiceThread.
  6. The VoiceThread link has been added to the module.
  7. Note: To add a link where students can authenticate their VoiceThread accounts or create VoiceThreads on their own, select the VT Home display option.See Creating a VoiceThread for information on the other display options and using VoiceThread for specific kinds of activities.


If setting up VoiceThread for a discussion format, follow the directions to Use VoiceThread for Discussions

If VoiceThread will be used for student presentations, see the directions to Use VoiceThread for Presentations

If sharing a previously-created VoiceThread, use the directions on Sharing a VoiceThread to either Share an Individual VoiceThread or Share a VoiceThread in Course View