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Creating a VoiceThread

Creating a VoiceThread presentation is a three-step process: add media, add comments, and share your presentation with your class. We also recommend that you make changes to your VoiceThread's playback settings depending on how others will interact with it (see the Playback Settings section below.)

The video below provides an introduction to adding media and comments to a VoiceThread presentation. VoiceThread has additional videos on creating presentations on their Support page.

Adjust the VoiceThread's Playback Settings

  1. Select the Options link.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select Playback Settings
  3. Change a VoiceThread's playback settings depending on its purpose:
    • If the VoiceThread is being used for a discussion, leave the "Enable Threaded Commenting" box selected.
    • If the VoiceThread is being used as a presentation, select the "Automatically advance to the next slide after __ seconds box" and enter a number in the text box. (This is the number of seconds between when your comment ends and your presentation advances to the next slide. For fast-moving presentations, we recommend that you enter 0.)
    • If students should not be able to download the original presentation slides, de-select the "Allow others to download original media".  This option allows students to download the PowerPoint file only, not any narrations.
  4. Select Save when done.

NOTE: Detailed information on each playback setting option is available on VoiceThread's website.


For more information on how to share a VoiceThread with a class, see Shari​ng your VoiceThread.