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Sharing a VoiceThread

​Share an Individual VoiceThread from a Previous Section

If a new course site will use a previously-created VoiceThread, that VoiceThread will not copy over if a course copy is completed. In order to share the old VoiceThread, it will need to be re-shared within the course Content of the new class.

  1. Select the VoiceThread link.
  2. Select Individual VT.
  3. A list of previously-created VoiceThreads will be displayed. Select the VoiceThread to re-populate.
  4. Select Make a New Copy to Share [A].
    make a vt copy to share
  5. Modify the title and description as needed.
  6. Under the heading “Which comments would you like to keep?” make one of the following selections:
    • Include only my comments: This setting retains only the comments of the person sharing the course. If there is a comment that contains a prompt to be used again, choose this setting. However, keep in mind that it will also copy over any responses to other comments.
    • Don’t include any comments: This setting clears the VoiceThread, leaving just the initial media uploaded when the VoiceThread was created.

      Note: The option to “Include all comments” is not recommended as this will transfer over all comments from the previous class.

  7. Select Copy.
  8. The copied VoiceThread will now show in the list of available VoiceThreads. Select the copy.
  9. Select Share with Class.
  10. After refreshing the page, the VoiceThread can be viewed.

Share a VoiceThread in Course View

If a VoiceThread has been added to a course via Course View, then steps need to be taken share previously-created VoiceThreads with the course. 

  1. Hover over the VoiceThread presentation that should be shared with the class. 
  2. When options appear, select Share [A].
    VoiceThread Share Button
  3. The sharing settings options for the presentation will open. Select the Secure tab [A].
  4. Select Groups [B]. 
  5.  Select the class from the list of groups [C]. 
  6. Voicethread Share with Class Options Highlighted
  7. Select View, Comment, and Edit to customize the ways that users can interact with the VoiceThread [A]. 
  8. Select Share [B].
    VoiceThread Customize Share Settings
  9. A success message will appear.

Note: Although VoiceThread also provides links and embed codes for sharing presentations, it is recommended to share them with the class group instead. Users will not be logged in to their VoiceThread accounts automatically if they access a VoiceThread through a pasted link or when it is embedded in a page.


If a VoiceThread is part of a graded assignment, it cannot be associated with a grade item in D2L. Instead scores will need to be manually entered Grades. View Entering Grades for more information.