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Sharing your VoiceThread with your Class in D2L

A group is automatically created in VoiceThread for your class. Once you're done creating your presentation, you'll need to share it with this group.

  1. Mouse over the VoiceThread presentation that you want to share with your class, then click the Share icon, an arrow, when it appears at the bottom of the presentation. The sharing settings options for your presentation will be open.
  2. Make sure the Secure tab is selected.
  3. Make sure the Groups button is selected.
  4. Select your class from the list of groups in your VoiceThread account.
  5. Click the blue Share button.

NOTE: Although VoiceThread also provides you with links and embed codes for sharing your presentations, you should share them with your class's group. Students will not be logged in to their VoiceThread accounts automatically if they access your VoiceThread through a link or when it is embedded in a page.


If your VoiceThread is part of a graded assignment, you won't be able to associate it with a grade item in your D2L course site. Instead you'll need to manually enter scores in the Grades area. View the Entering Grades guide for more information.

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