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Adding Students to Groups in D2L

When creating groups, select one of three enrollment types for them:

  • Auto Enrollment: D2L enrolls students in groups automatically.
  • No Auto Enrollment: Instructor or an administrator enrolls students to groups manually. 
  • Self Enrollment: Students enroll in groups themselves.

    NOTE: Please know that even if automatic or self-enrollment is selected, it's necessary to manually re-balance groups if students are withdrawing after the start of the term.

Enroll Students in Groups Manually

  1. Go to Groups (often under More).   
  2. Select Groups from the dropdown menu.   
  3. Select the View Categories dropdown menu (only required if there is more than one set of groups).
  4. Select the dropdown arrow [A] next to the group category name.
  5. Select Enroll Users [B].
    Select Enroll Users
  6. The Enroll Users page will open. Select the checkbox for the appropriate group for each student.
  7. Select the Save button.
    Select Checkbox 

Provide Students with Instructions for Self-enrollment

As a best practice, we recommend adding a Groups link in the course navigation bar (see the Navigation Bar guide for instructions), then share these instructions with them. 

  1. Select the Groups link in the course navigation bar. 
  2. Select the View Available Groups button.
  3. The Available Groups window will open. Select the Join Group link.


After creating and enrolling students to groups, set up group submission folders or discussion topics.