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Creating a New Submission Folder in D2L

Submission folders allow students to submit assignments through the D2L course site. Submission folders can be setup to accept files submitted by individual students or a group of students.

Create a Submission Folder

  1. Select Submissions in the course navigation bar.
  2. Select the New Folder button.
  3. Enter a title for the folder in the "Name" field.
  4. By default, the "Score out of" field is ungraded. Enter a point value if the submission will be graded, and choose from the following options using the dropdown menu that opens:
    • In Grades: Create a grade item for the submission to be added to Grades.
    • Choose from Grades: Link the submission to an existing or new item in Grades.
      • If the grade item was already created, select the option to Link to an existing grade item and choose the item from the dropdown list and select OK.
      • If the grade item was not created, select the option to Create and link to a new grade item. The window will expand to show a grade item with the name of the folder and an option to select a grade category. When finished, select OK.
    • Remove from Grades: Attach a score to the submission that will not be included in Grades.
    • Note: Using one of these settings is recommended in order to use the grading interface to provide students with qualitative feedback on their work. This is still the case even if the Grades tool is not being used and/or the assignment is not being counted as part of the overall course grade.

  5. Only a name for the folder is required, but there are other options to modify the submission folder:
    • Due Date: Set a date for the submission to show up in the course Calendar.
    • Instructions: Enter any steps for the assignment to be submitted.
    • Add Files: Use the icons in the tool bar [A] to add any files, links, video, or audio to the folder. Hover over the icons to see the function.
      toolbar with icons to attach files
    • Availability Dates & Conditions: Select this tab to restrict access to the folder by adding a Start Date and/or End Date.
    • Submission & Completion: Select this tab to set up a group submission, change the submission type, alter the number of submissions each student can turn in, or set up email notifications for submissions from specific students.

      Note: To find a student email to set up notifications, select Classlist in the navigation bar and locate the student username. Their student email will be the username @depaul.edu.

    • Evaluation & Feedback: Select this tab to attach a rubric, add learning objectives, or add Turnitin. See Rubrics in D2L and Using Originality Checking for more information.
  6. (Optional) Toggle the switch next to "Visible" to hide the folder from students [A].
  7. When finished, select Save and Close [B].
    save button and hide folder toggle at bottom of screen

Hide Submission Folder from Students

By default, submission folders are visible to students. To hide the folder from student view, follow the directions below.
  1. Select the dropdown arrow [A] next to the folder title.
  2. Select Hide From Users [B]. 
    Select Hide from Users

Note: An icon of an eye with a slash through it alongside the folder name indicates that this folder is not visible to students.


By default, a new submission folder is visible and active to students. To control access set the start and end dates through the Restrictions settings. See Managing Submissions Access for more information.