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Retrieving Attendance from a Zoom Meeting

Zoom stores information on each meeting, including a list of participants. This information can be used to track attendance if Zoom meetings are required.

Retrieve Reports Externally

All Zoom meetings made with DePaul credentials will have reports at depaul.zoom.us. If the Zoom meeting has been created by going to depaul.zoom.us, reports must be retrieved externally.

  1. Go to depaul.zoom.us
  2. Select Sign in.
  3. Log in with DePaul credentials.
  4. The Zoom account “Profile” page will open. Select the Reports tab [A].
    reports tab from zoom profile page
  5. Select Usage.
  6. Use the “From” and “To” fields to filter by date.
  7. Once a date range has been chosen, select Search.
  8. Locate the meeting and scroll to the “Participants” column.
  9. Select the number of participants for the meeting [A].
    number of participants
  10. A popup window will open with a list of the participants. Select the box next to “Show Unique Students” to filter out repeated names.
  11. Select Export to download a CSV file of the list.
  12. Select the X to exit.

Retrieve Reports Internally

If the Zoom meeting was created within D2L, reports can be found via the External Learning Tool Link.

  1. Navigate to the module in which the External Learning Tool link is housed.
  2. Select the Zoom External Learning Tool link.
  3. Select Previous Meetings [A].
  4. Select Report next to a meeting in the list [B].
    screenshot of the zoom interface within d2l with labels on the previous meeting tab and the report link
  5. (Optional) On the page that opens, select Export as CSV file to retain a copy of the report.