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Setting Up Zoom

Sign in to Zoom

Before using Zoom for the first time, users will need to authenticate an account using a DePaul email address.

  1. Go to depaul.zoom.us
  2. Select Sign In.
  3. Enter Campus Connect credentials.
  4. This will create the Zoom account, to be associated with the preferred email address as listed in Campus Connect.

Verify Preferred Email for D2L Integration

The preferred method to access Zoom is through depaul.zoom.us, however, Zoom can also be integrated into D2L. This is an optional feature that allows for access to Zoom from a D2L course under the Edit Course tab. If choosing to integrate Zoom into D2L, a DePaul email address will need to be used as the preferred email address, so there are additional steps required to verify the preferred email address in Campus Connect:

  1. Open Campus Connect.
  2. Log in with Campus Connect credentials.
  3. Follow the directions for Updating Personal Information.
  4. Make sure that the email address marked as “Preferred” is a DePaul email address. If it is not, change/add that email address and save it as preferred.

Note: Please be aware that it can take 12-24 hours for the change to synchronization with D2L.

Sign into Zoom Desktop Client

The Zoom desktop client can be downloaded via depaul.zoom.us. In order to link the desktop client to a DePaul account, users must sign in via SSO.

  1. Open the desktop app.
  2. Select Sign in with SSO.
  3. Type "DePaul" in the field titled "Your company domain".
  4. Select Continue.
  5. A browser window will open. Enter Campus Connect credentials.
  6. A confirmation message will open. Select Open Zoom.us.
  7. The browser will redirect to the desktop client, where the account will o​pen.