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Using Captions in a Zoom Meeting

​Zoom accounts through DePaul provide AI-powered live transcription and closed captions. Live transcription only supports English and speaking as clearly as possible is recommended.

Captions will need to be enabled within a meeting before participants can turn them on or use the live transcription feature.

Enable Captions in a Meeting

Before captions can be available to participants, the host will need to enable captioning within the meeting.

  1. From the toolbar, select More [A].
  2. Select Captions [B]. The "Show Captions" button will appear in the toolbar.
    screenshot of a zoom meeting window with a label on the more button
  3. Participants will now be able to turn on closed captions and/or live transcription by selecting Show Captions in the toolbar.

Turn on Closed Captions

Once the host enables close captions, participants will need to turn them on.

  1. In the meeting toolbar, select Show Captions.
  2. Confirm or choose the language in which the captions will appear.
  3. Select Save
  4. The subtitles will appear at the bottom of the Zoom window. They can also be dragged to other parts of the window.

    Note: By default, subtitles are white text with a black background. These colors, along with other settings, can be modified. Select the caret next to Show Captions, then select Caption Settings.

Turn off Closed Captions

When a user turns on closed captions, the captions will populate for all users in the Zoom meeting. Participants who do not want closed captions will need to manually turn them off.

  1. Within the meeting, select Hide Captions.
  2. The captions will turn off only for the user who selected to hide them.

Use Live Transcription

Along with closed captions, Zoom offers a live transcription option.

  1. In the meeting, select the caret next to Hide Captions/Show Captions [A].
  2. Select View Full Transcript [B].
    screenshot of a zoom meeting window with a label on the captions caret
  3. The transcript will appear next to the meeting window.
  4. (Optional) Remove subtitles by selecting Hide Captions.
  5. Save the transcript as a .txt file by selecting Save Transcript within the live transcript window.