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Creating Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are sessions that are split off from the main Zoom meeting, allowing users to meet in smaller groups. Pre-assigned breakout groups can be used for collaborative activities like group projects or peer review. 

By default, breakout rooms can only be created within a meeting, so the option to pre-assign breakout rooms will need to be enabled first. Once enabled, users can pre-assign groups for breakout rooms that can be opened in future Zoom meetings.

Note: Users on Chromebooks will not be able to join breakout rooms.

Enable Breakout Rooms

In order to create breakout rooms, this setting must first be enabled.
  1. Sign in to Zoom Web Portal at depaul.zoom.us. Pre-assigned breakout rooms cannot be created through an app.
  2. From the Profile page, select Settings [A].
    zoom settings from profile page
  3. Select the section titled In Meeting (Advanced).
  4. Select the toggle next to “Breakout Room” if not already allowed.
  5. Select the box next to “Allow host to assign participants to breakout rooms when scheduling.”
  6. Select Save.

Create Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms

  1. From the profile page, select Meetings [A].
  2. Select Schedule a New Meeting [B].
    locate meetings and schedule new meeting from profile page
  3. Fill out the details to the meeting.
  4. Select the boxes next to “Enable join before host” [A] and “Breakout Rooms pre-assign” [B].
    settings for creating breakout rooms
  5. Select Create Rooms.
  6. A pop-up window will appear on the screen. Select the plus sign [A] to create rooms.
  7. Add the participants by typing their names (or DePaul email addresses) into the input field [B] under the name of the breakout room. It is also possible to import participants using a CSV file. Follow Zoom’s direct instructions for uploading via CSV here.
  8. Note: In order to pre-assign breakout rooms, users must log in to Zoom using their DePaul accounts unless rooms are assigned using a CSV.

    add breakout room

    Note: The name of the room can be changed by clicking on the room title in the left column and then selecting the name in the right column.

  9. After populating all of the rooms, select Save.
  10. The pop-up window will close. Select Save again to save the meeting.

Open Pre-Assigned Breakout Rooms in a Meeting

  1. When the meeting starts, select Breakout Rooms at the bottom of the Zoom window.
  2. Once in the Breakout Rooms menu, select Recreate.
  3. Then, select Recover to pre-assigned rooms.
  4. A confirmation pop-up will appear. Select Yes.
  5. As long as all members are logged in to their ​DePaul accounts, they should automatically populate into the pre-assigned rooms. The pop-up can now be closed.
  6. Note: To navigate between breakout rooms, use the Breakout Rooms panel. Do not use the "Leave Meeting" option as this will end the meeting.