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Customizing Widgets on a Course Home Page in D2L

​Some widgets can be modified to change how much or what content is displayed. Instructors can modify the style and appearance of other widgets. Widgets can also be created and edited to give a Course Home page a distinct look.

Modify Widget Display Settings

Some widgets, including News, Calendar, Updates, and Profile Card, have specific display settings that instructors can modify. These settings control how much content the widget displays.

However, widget display settings can only be modified if a custom Course Homepage has been created and set to active. For more information, see Designing a Course Home Page.

  1. Go to the course and select Edit Course.
  2. Select Course Administration from the dropdown menu.
  3. As a result, the Course Administration page will open.  Select Homepages.  
  4. Select the custom Homepage that contains the widget.
  5. Select the widget to be customized.
  6. Choose the customizations:
    • Display a title: Check this box to display the title as set in the widget's settings
    • Prohibit minimizing a widget: Check this box to prevent students from hiding the widget 
    • Default widget name: Instructors can keep the default name or set a custom name
  7. Select Save.

Create Custom Widgets

Instructors can create custom widgets from scratch that will display on the Course Home page.

  1. Go to the course and select Edit Course.
  2. Select Course Administration from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Widgets under the "Site Setup" section.
  4. Select the Create Widget button to create a new widget.
  5. Enter a title for the new widget in the "Name" field. 
  6. (Optional) Enter a description in the "Description" field.
  7. Select the Content tab.  
  8. Enter the content to be displayed in the widget. This can be text, images, links, or embedded content  from an external website. See the HTML Editor guide for more information on creating content in D2L.
  9. Select Save and Close.

Edit Custom Widgets

  1. Go to the course and select Edit Course.
  2. Choose Course Administration from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Widgets under "Site Setup."
  4. Select the pencil icon next to the widget to be edited.
  5. Make changes to the widget in the Properties and Content tabs, as applicable.
  6. Select Save and Close when finished making changes.


For more information on creating News events and populating a course calendar see Updating the News Widget as well as Viewing the Calendar and Adding Calendar Events.