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Managing Widgets that Appear on your Course Home Page in D2L

D2L allows you to modify certain widgets to control how much or what content is displayed. You can also change the style and look of some or all of your widgets and create custom widgets to give your Course Home page a distinct look.

Modify a Widget's Display Settings

Some widgets, including News, Calendar, Updates, and Picture Library, have specific display settings you can access. These settings allow you to control how much content is displayed in the widget. However, you can only modify widget display settings if you have created and set a custom Course Home page to active. You can only modify the display settings for a widget that has been placed into a custom Course Home page. For more information, see the Designing your Course Home Page guide.

  1. Go to Edit Course > Course Administration and select "Homepages".
  2. Click the Homepage that contains the widget you would like to customize.
  3. In the layout view, click the widget to view the settings you can modify.
  4. Options for modification will vary by widget:
    • For Calendar, select the number of events to display and choose among "Show only events for this org unit" or "Show events for this org unit and any explicit enrollment." Click Save.
    • For News, select the a maximum number of items to display and choose whether to remove items after a certain number of days. Click Save.

Create Custom Widgets

You can create custom widgets that will display on your Course Home page. You must first create the widget in the Widgets section of Course Administration. Then you can add it to your Course Home page in the Homepages section. See the Designing Your Course Homepage guide for information about adding widgets to a homepage.

  1. Click Edit Course > Course Administration on the right side of the course navigation bar.
  2. Click Widgets in the Site Setup section.

  3. course-home_click-widgets
  4. Click Create Widget. The "New Widget" page will open with the Properties tab displayed.
  5. Enter a name for the new widget (required).
  6. Enter a description (optional).

  7. course-home_widget-properties
  8. Click the Content tab.
  9. Enter the content you want to display in the widget. This can be text, images, links, or content embedded from an external website. See the HTML Editor guide for more information on creating content in D2L.
  10. Optional: If you would like the widget to render in an iframe, select this box. This allows you to use header information in your widget, without coding it by hand.
  11. Click Save and Close.
    content in new widget

Edit Custom Widgets

Once you've created a custom widget, it is easy to go back and make further edits.
  1. Click Edit Course > Course Administration on the right side of the course navigation bar. The Course Administration page will open.
  2. Click the Widgets link in the Site Setup section.
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the widget you want to edit. The Edit Widget page will open with the Properties tab displayed.
  4. Make changes to the widget in the Properties and Content tabs, as applicable.
  5. Click Save and Close when you are finished making changes.


For more information on creating News events and populating your course calendar see the Updating the News Widget guide and the Viewing the Calendar and Adding Calendar Events guides.

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