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Managing Images in News Items

​News within a class can be sent out through one of two News widgets in D2L. The default News widget optimizes course homepage space by providing a preview of multiple recent news items along with a default image of a waterfall. The Old Style News widget displays each news item in full, images included. To utilize the News widget that displays each item in full, see the directions to Use the Old Style News Widget.

To change the default image for the default News widget, an image must be added to the news item. The DePaul icon set is available to download and use within news items.

Change the Default Image

By default, the News widget will show a stock image with the preview of a news item, but this can be changed.

  1. Navigate to the News widget.
  2. If the item has already been posted, select the news item. Otherwise, follow the directions to Update the News Widget, then continue with step 5.
  3. Select the dropdown arrow next to the news item title.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the news item and use the cursor to select the spot to add the image.

    Note: It is recommended to add the image at the bottom of the news item so students will see the body of the item first.

  6. Select the add image icon [A].
    add image icon
  7. Select My Computer to upload an image from the device or URL if the image has a link.
  8. Upload the image.
  9. Select Add.
  10. If the image is not decorative, add a brief description of the image in the "Alt Text" field. If the image is decorative, select the check box.
  11. The image will appear within the news item. Select Update or Publish to finalize.

Use the DePaul Icon Set

The Center for Teaching and Learning has developed a set of icon graphics that can be used to replace the default image. The set contains icons in both black and DePaul blue, and can be downloaded here:

DePaul Icon Set

Add the Icon Set to a Course Site

  1. Use the link above to save the icon package to the computer.
  2. From the course navigation bar, select Edit Course.
  3. Select Course Administration.
  4. Select Manage Files [A].
    manage files
  5. Select Upload.
  6. Drag the zip file to the box or select Upload and choose the zip file.
  7. Select Save.
  8. Select the down arrow next to the zip file name.
  9. Select Unzip.

Use Icons from the Set in a News Item

Use the icon set to replace the default image for a news item. Icons in the set can also be used anywhere in the course site there is an HTML editor.

  1. Create a News item or navigate to a previous News item.
  2. Select the add image icon in the toolbar [A].
    add image icon
  3. Select Course Offering Files.
  4. Navigate to the folder containing the icons.
  5. Select the icon to use.
  6. Select Add.
  7. The image will appear. If the image is added to a News item, this will replace the default image.

The DePaul Icon Set

The icons available in the set are listed below, along with some examples of how they might be put to use. The icon set contains both blue and black versions of the graphics.  


welcome icon
  • Welcome message
  • Social event
megaphone icon
  • Important general announcement(s)
celebration icon
  • Celebrate something
calendar icon
  • Important due date(s)
  • Event reminder
settings icon
  • Technical issue
  • Information about settings for D2L or another site
depaul logo
  • Official University statements
  • Official DePaul or DePaul-sponsored events
  • Can be used as a default icon
zoom logo
  • Distribute Zoom meeting information
  • Notify students that a Zoom recording is available
  • Give directions for an assignment that will use Zoom
danger icon
  • Critically important announcement
  • Warning/alert


play button
  • Multimedia content
  • External audio/video
clipboard icon
  • Assignment checklist
  • Weekly or unit checklist
videocall icon
  • Live class meeting
  • Guest speaker
idea icon
  • Informational lecture content
  • Creative assignment
  • Important resource (e.g. the library)


calculator icon
  • Homework problems
  • Data set
  • Quiz
writing icon
  • Writing assignment
  • Survey
open book icon
  • Reading assignment
  • Research assignment
chat icon
  • Discussion assignment
  • Interview assignment
  • Schedule individual consultation with instructor
panopto logo
  • Assignment requiring Panopto
voicethread icon
  • Assignment requiring VoiceThread