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Viewing the Calendar Tool in D2L

The Calendar tool allows you to create and manage course events. In your course calendar, you can set up recurring events, such as class meetings, or show dates from other D2L tools, such as Submissions or Quiz deadlines. 

Students will see up to 14 upcoming events or deadlines in the Calendar widget, which is displayed on your Course Home page. They can access the full calendar from the widget and subscribe to it with their preferred calendar software, like Google Calendar, Outlook, or iPhone calendar.

Access the Calendar

  1. Access the Calendar tool from the Course Home page one of these ways:
    • Click on the dropdown arrow in the Calendar widget and select Go to Calendar.
      Select More, then Calendar
    • Click on Edit Course > Course Administration in the navigation bar and select Calendar within the Site Resources area.

Navigate the Calendar

  1. Choose a view.
    • Choose Day, Week or Month to limit events displayed based on those timeframes.
    • Choose List to view a comprehensive list of events for the course in chronological order.
    • Choose Agenda to see more information about upcoming events with direct links to the part of the course pertaining to the event, i.e. a Submission folder or Discussion Board.
  2. Choose a specific date to view (optional), using the left and right arrows on the right-hand calendar display.
  3. Choose which courses to display events for (optional), by clicking on the dropdown button next to the name of the course you are currently viewing.


You can use the calendar tool to create events from scratch as well as to show due dates for content or assignments already built into your course. See the Adding Calendar Events guide for more information.​

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