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Add or Edit Calendar Events

Create one-time or recurring course reminders from within the Calendar tool, and customize settings for other action items so that they display in the Calendar widget.

Open the Calendar Tool

Navigate to the Calendar tool through either of the following paths:  
  • Edit Course (in course navbar) > Course Administration (selected from the Edit Course dropdown).  From the Course Administration page, Calendar is a link under the heading Site Resources (when viewing the Category sorting).
    Click 'Calendar' from Course Admin page
    Figure 1. Select 'Calendar' from the Course Administration page
  • From Course Home, select the word Calendar within the widget, or select the dropdown arrow next to the title Calendar and select Go to Calendar from the dropdown menu. 
    Select 'Calendar' from the widget
    Figure 2. Select the 'Calendar' widget from the Course Home page
The Calendar tool page will open.

Create a Calendar Event or Recurrence

  1. To create a new calendar event, on the Calendar tool page select the button Create Event. The Create Event page will open. 

    Click Create Event button
    Figure 3 Calendar-Select Create Event
  2. Complete the required Title field [A], and the date and time settings under When [B]. For date and time settings, use the date selectors to adjust the event start and end date and time, or select the checkbox All Day for an event that runs all day. The Description field is optional.
    set calendar event parameters
    Figure 4 Set Calendar Event Parameters
  3. To create a recurring calendar event, select Add Recurrences [C].  

  4. Select the Create button [D].  The event(s) will be added to the Calendar.

Set a Recurring Calendar Event

  1. To set a calendar event to recur x times within x day(s), week(s), or month(s) select Add Recurrence ([C] inFigure 2), use the dropdown in the Recurrence field, then select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
    Add Recurrence
    Figure5 Make calendar event be recurring

Edit a Calendar Event

  1. To edit the date and time of a Calendar event within the Calendar tool page, select the event to be edited [A]. A page that lists the event details will open. Select the dropdown arrow next to the event title and select Edit Event [B].
  2. Select a new date and time for the event [C]. Note that changes can be applied only to the type of date that was created for that Calendar item in its original tool. For instance, if a quiz was set to have an End Date, only the End Date can be changed in the Calendar tool.
  3. Select Save to apply the changes to the event date.
    calendar -  edit event
    Figure 6. Calendar-Edit Event

Edit a Recurring Calendar Event

The options for editing a recurring calendar event are to change only a selected occurrence, the selected occurrence and future occurrences, or all events in the series.  Select the desired option, then select Update [A].

calendar - revise occurrences
Figure 7 Calendar-Revise Occurrences

Add Dates to the Calendar

Some D2L tools, such as Discussions and Quizzes, provide the option to have their start and end dates added to the Calendar automatically. Other D2L tools, such as Content and Submissions, provide the option to set due dates, which are automatically added to the Calendar.

For instructions on how to add dates to these tools, visit their respective pages:


For more information on customizing the appearance of the Calendar and other widgets in the Course Homepage, see the Managing Widgets guide. For information on offsetting the dates in a course to adapt to a new term, see the Manage Dates guide. ​

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