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Subscribing to a Course Calendar in D2L

Subscribe to a calendar using a personal scheduling program, like Outlook, Google Calendar, or iPhone Calendar. 

Set up a Calendar Subscription

  1. Select the Calendar link from the course homepage.
  2. Select the Settings link. 
  3. Make sure the checkbox for "Enable Calendar Feeds" is selected.
  4. Select the Save button.
  5. Select the Subscribe link.
  6. The Calendar Subscriptions window will open. Copy the calendar link.
  7. In the preferred scheduling software, find the option to add a calendar by URL. This varies by application:
    • In Outlook: Go to the Calendar section, select Open Calendar, then select From Internet.
    • In Google Calendar: Select the dropdown arrow beside Other Calendars, then select Add by URL. (Full instructions are available on the Google Calendar Help page.)
    • On an iPhone: Go into Settings, then touch Mail > Contacts > Calendars. Touch Add Account, then Other, and then Add Subscribed Calendar. (Full instructions are available on the Apple Subscribe to Calendars page.)
  8. Paste the calendar link in the appropriate field.
  9. Select Save or Confirm

Note: By default, the Calendar Subscriptions dialog box will display a link that will add all course calendars to the preferred scheduling software. To add only one course calendar, select that course from the dropdown menu before copying the link.


For information on editing and managing the events in the course Calendar see Viewing the Calendar and Adding Calendar Dates.