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Updating the News Widget in D2L

The News tool in D2L enables you to communicate updates, changes, and new information to your students quickly and effectively. News items appear in the News widget on the Course Homepage, the first page that students see when they enter the course.

Students can subscribe to News updates through email notifications, text message notifications, or an RSS feed.

Create a News Item

Manage News items through the News widget on the Course Homepage.
  1. Select the dropdown arrow [A] in the News widget.
  2. Select New News Item [B].
    Select New News Item
  3. Enter a title in the "Headline" field.
  4. Enter your post in the "Content" field.
  5. Set a date and time for the news item to display in the "Availability" section:
    • Set the start date and time in the "Start Date" section or select Now to immediately release the news item.
    • Uncheck the Always show start date checkbox if you do not want to display a start date to students.
    • Select Remove news item based on end date and enter an end date if you want to hide the news item from the student view after a certain date.
  6. To attach a file to the news item, select Add a File under "Attachments" heading.
  7. Select Upload to find a file.
  8. Select Publish.

Edit a News Item

  1. Select the dropdown arrow [A] next to the title.
  2. Select Edit [B].
    Select Edit
  3. Make any desired changes to the news item in the HTML box.
  4. Select Update at the bottom of the page. The revised News item will then appear on the Course Homepage in the News widget.

Delete a News Item

  1. Select the dropdown arrow next to the title.
  2. Select Delete.
  3. Select Yes.


For information on viewing and managing the content for your Calendar, see the Viewing the Calendar and Adding Calendar Events guides. To modify the display settings or visual appearance of your News widget, see the Managing Widgets guide.