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Creating Links in D2L Content

There are two types of links that can be added in the Content of a course:  links to external webpages ("external" links) and links to other tools or files in the course site ("relative" links).

Add Links to External Websites

  1. Select Content on the course navigation bar.
  2. Select the module or sub-module where the link needs to be added.
  3. Select the Upload/Create button. 
  4. From the dropdown menu select Create a Link
  5. In the pop-up window enter text for the link in the Title field. To meet standards for users with disabilities, do not use a long URL as the link text to show.
  6. Enter or paste the web address in the URL field. If pasting the URL, make sure that "http://" does not appear twice at the start of the URL.  
  7. Select the Open as an External Resource checkbox. If this option is not selected, the link will not work in most browsers.
  8. Select Create

Add Links to Other Parts of the Course Site

  1. Select Content on the course navigation bar.
  2. Select the module or sub-module where the link needs to be added.
  3. Select Existing Activities.  
  4. From the dropdown menu, select one of the tools listed.  
  5. In the pop-up window, select the activity that needs to be inserted.   


When a new link is created in Content, it will always appear as the very last topic in the module. To rearrange the links in a module, view Reordering Modules and Topics.