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Creating Randomized Quizzes in D2L

When quizzes in D2L are randomized, each student receives the same quiz, but the question order is randomized. This makes it more difficult for them to share their questions and answers.

Since you can only access question pools within quizzes, you must create a quiz before you can create its random sections. See the Creating Quizzes guide for more information.

Add a Randomized set of Questions to a Quiz

You can create random banks of questions, called question pools, in quizzes to distribute a unique set of questions to each student. This can include an entire set of questions or a subset of questions randomly pulled from a section in the Question Library. (See the Question Library guide for instructions on creating sections and adding questions to them.)

  1. Go to the quiz to which you want to add randomized questions.
  2. Click the Add/Edit Questions button. A page will open that lists items that have been added to the quiz .
  3. Click the New button, then select Question Pool on the drop-down menu.
    Click New
  4. Set up the Question Pool
    1. Enter a name for the question pool in the “Question Pool Title” field.
    2. Enter the number of questions that the quiz should surface to the student.
      1. Enter a number less than the total number of questions that you have added to your test if you want each version of the test to display a randomized subset of the questions.
      2. Enter a number that is the same as the total number of questions that you have added to your test if you want each version of the test to display all of the questions, but in a randomized order.
    3. ​Enter the number of points per question.​
      Set up question pool
  5. Click Browse Question Library to select the questions that should fill the pool.
  6. Select your questions or sections
    1. To use questions from the question library, make sure the Source is set to Question Library.​
    2. ​To use questions from a different quiz, change the Source to the quiz you want.Click Save. The new randomized section will now appear in the list of items on the quiz.
  7. Click Add. All of the questions you selected will now be added to the list of items on your quiz.
  8. Click the Done Editing Questions button on the top right side of the page when you are done adding randomized sections to your quiz.


Once you've finished adding questions to your quiz, you'll want to preview it to make sure everything is correct before students begin taking it. View the Previewing Quizzes guide for more information.​​

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