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Granting Special Access to Quizzes in D2L

Special access can be given to one or more students for a quiz, i.e., a longer time limit or a unique start and/or end date.

  1. Go to the Quizzes area in the course site.
  2. Select the name of the Quiz to which to give special access.
  3. Select the Restrictions tab.
  4. Make sure the "Allow selected users special access to this quiz" button is selected (this is the default option) [A].
  5. Select Add Users to Special Access [B].
    button to add special access
  6. Set the special access that to be granted:
    • To allow individual students earlier access to the quiz, check the box for "Has Start Date." Then, change the start date.
    • To allow individual students later access to the Quiz, check the box for "Has End Date." Then, change the end date.
    • To allow individual students more time to take a quiz, check the box for "Recommend time limit" or "Enforced time limit," and enter a number in the “minute(s)” field.
    • To allow individual students a different number of attempts in the quiz, check the box for "Override attempts allow" and choose a number from the dropdown menu below.  Then select Apply.
  7. Check the box next to the name of the student(s) who will have special access to the quiz [A].
  8. Select Add Special Access [B].
    select users for special access
  9. The "Edit Quiz" page will appear. Select Save and Close.


After the student has taken the quiz, make sure the quiz attempt is graded. Visit Grading Quizzes for more information.

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