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Creating New Quizzes

When creating a new quiz in D2L, there are a number of steps to consider. See the following guides for information on completing each step:

For information on randomizing quiz questions to help prevent cheating, see both Using the Question Library and Randomizing Quizzes

Create a Quiz

  1. Select More on the course navigation bar.
  2. Select Quizzes
  3. Select New Quiz button. 
  4. Enter a name for the quiz. This step must be completed before any other settings can be changed.
  5. Select  Add/Edit Questions
  6. Add questions to the quiz:
    • Select Add [A] to see a list of options for adding new questions, creating a new question section, or creating a new question category. (See Creating Quiz Questions for more information.)
    • Select Import [B] to upload a question file or add questions from the Question Library to the quiz. (See Randomizing Quizzes for more information.)
      add and import buttons during quiz creation
  7. (Optional) Use the handlers to drag and re-order the questions.
  8. Questions will save automatically. When finished adding questions, select Back to Settings to go back to the quiz creation page. 
  9. Select Save and Close when the quiz set-up has been completed. This might include completing some of the steps listed under "Next Steps" below.

Activate a Quiz

By default, the status of a new quiz status is set to hidden and thus is not visible to students. This visibility must be changed before students will be able to see and take the assessment. When a quiz is hidden, an icon of an eye with a slash will appear next to the quiz name on the "Manage Quizzes" page.

Note: To add a link to a Quiz to a module in Content, follow the directions to Add Links to Other Parts of the Course Site.

  1. Select the arrow next to the quiz to release a dropdown menu.
  2. Select Make Visible to Users. 
  3. The quiz is now active, and the Manage Quizzes page will be displayed. No eye icon will be displayed next to the quiz name.

Synchronize a Quiz with a Grade Item

Synchronizing a quiz with a grade item will connect the quiz to the gradebook. Any questions on the quiz that can be automatically graded by the system will be scored. If the quiz is set to have scores published automatically, users will be able to see their score upon completion of the quiz attempt, and the score will be sent to the gradebook. If the quiz has questions that will need to be manually evaluated, the quiz can instead be set to update scores in the gradebook upon evaluation.

  1. From the Manage Quizzes page, select the dropdown arrow next to the quiz.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. The page will open on the quiz Properties tab. Select the Assessment tab.
  4. Select the Grade Item dropdown to reveal a list of grade items that have not yet been connected to an activity.
  5. Choose the grade item to connect to the quiz.
  6. (Optional) If the grade item has not yet been created, select add grade item and provide a name and point value for the quiz. See also the guide for Creating a Grade Item.
  7. To set up the quiz so scores are published automatically, select the box to "Auto-publish attempt results immediately upon completion" [A].

    Note: If there are questions on the quiz that cannot be auto-graded by the system, they will be scored at 0 until manually evaluated. See Creating Quiz Questions for details on which types can be graded automatically.

  8. To set up the quiz so published scores are automatically synchronized with the grade item in the gradebook, select the box to "Automatically update evaluations in grade book when published" [B]. This setting will update the grade item when any changes to the quiz score are published.
    quiz assessment options panel
  9. Select Save and Close.

Delete a Quiz

  1. Navigate to the Quizzes area.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the quiz to be deleted [A].
  3. Select More Actions [B].
  4. Select Delete [C].
    screenshot of the quizzes area in d2l with labels on steps for deleting a quiz
  5. A confirmation popup will appear. Select Delete to confirm.

Restore a Deleted Quiz

A quiz deleted within a course can be restored using the "More Actions" menu.

  1. Navigate to the Quizzes area.
  2. Select More Actions.
  3. Select Restore.
  4. A new page will open with a list of deleted quizzes from the course. Locate the quiz to be restored.
  5. Under the "Actions" column, select Restore.
  6. Navigate back to the Quizzes area to see the restored quiz.


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