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Setting up Completion Tracking in D2L's Content Area

Completion Tracking is a feature in the Content area that allows students to monitor their progress while completing a course, and it also allows you to monitor whether students are visiting individual topics. (View the Class Progress guide for more information about using completion tracking to monitor students' activity in the Content area.)

You can set completion tracking for an individual topic, for all topics in a module, or for everything in the Content area. For every module or topic you want to include in completion tracking, you must assign a completion type.

  • Required: Automatic—Topics will be marked as complete when the student does something in D2L, like view a file or post to a discussion. (See the Automatic Completion Tracking Appendix below for a full breakdown of how this works for different types of content.)
  • Required: Manual—Students will see a checkbox next to the topic, which they must manually click to mark the item as complete.
  • Not Required—No completion tracking will be monitored.

Manual completion tracking is usually the best option since it allows students to mark as complete assignments that D2L cannot effectively track, like long readings, multi-part discussions, or assignments outside of D2L.

If you'd like to see how completion tracking will appear to students, see the Student View guide for more information.

Set Completion Tracking for an Individual Topic or Module

  1. Click (A) the dropdown arrow to the right of the title of the topic or module you want to set completion tracking on, then select (B) Edit Properties In-place. The currently active completion tracking method will appear below the topic's title.
  2. Click (A) the dropdown arrow to the right of the currently active completion tracking method ("Not Required" is the default option), then select either (B)Required: Manual or Required: Automatic.

Set Completion Tracking for the Entire Content Area

  1. Go to a module in the Content area to set completion tracking for all topics within it, or click Table of Contents to set completion tracking for the entire Content area.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the module or Table of Contents title, then select Set All Completion. A pop-up window that lists completion tracking options will open.
  3. Select a completion type.
  4. Click the Update button. The pop-up window will close, and check marks will now appear to the right of every topic in the Content area.

Automatic Completion Tracking Appendix

This list indicates when an item is marked complete for different types of topics in Content when "Required: Automatic" is selected.

  • Uploaded files are marked complete when a student views them.
  • Documents created in D2L (i.e., HTML pages) are marked complete when a student views them.
  • Links are marked complete when a student views them.
  • Chats are marked complete when the student enters the chat room.
  • Checklists are marked complete when a student checks off all items within it.
  • Discussions are marked complete after a student’s first post. If your discussion assignment requires students to post more than once, you may want to select manual completion tracking.
  • Submission folders are marked complete after one submission.
  • Quizzes are marked complete after one attempt is submitted.
  • Self-assessments are marked complete as soon as they are opened.
  • Surveys are marked complete when a student submits a response.


You can set up emails in D2L that are automatically sent to students who are not reviewing content and completing assignments in your course as another way to help them stay on track. View the Intelligent Agents guide for more information.​

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