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Self Assessments

Self Assessment is a formative assessment tool that provides learners with a series of questions and gives immediate feedback. Once a Self​ Assessment is created, instructors will add questions for students to answer.

Note: Self Assessments cannot be evaluated or tracked like other activities in D2L. Answers to a Self Assessment are only visible to the student that completes it.

Create a Self Assessment

  1. Select Edit Course in the navigation bar.
  2. Select Course Administration.
  3. Select Self Assessments.
  4. The Manage Self Assessments page will open. Select New Self Assessment.
  5. Enter a name for the Self Assessment in the Name field.
  6. (Optional) Select the checkbox for "allow hints" to allow question-specific hints to be available during the assessment. These will only display if View Hint is selected while taking the self assessment.
  7. (Optional) Select the checkbox for "Shuffle questions at the self assessment level" to randomize questions.
  8. Select Save.

Create Assessment Questions

In order to add questions to a self assessment, first create and then save the self assessment. Once saved, the Add/Edit Questions button will appear.
  1. Select the  Add/Edit Questions button .
    • Select New to see a dropdown menu of available question types, as well as the options for creating sections to organize questions. (Visit D2L Brightspace Types of Questions to see descriptions of the different question types.)
    • Select the Import button to add questions from the Question Library to the assessment. See Question Library for more information.
  2. When done adding questions, select the Done Editing Questions button. 
  3. The Edit Assessment page will be displayed again. When done setting Self Assessment options, select Save.


Link to the new Self Assessment from the Content area of the course page. View Content and Creating Links to Other Course Tools for more information.