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Checking Class Progress in D2L

There are two ways to check student activity in D2L. Individual student progress is visible through the Class Progress tool. Activity related to specific topics in Content is available via the Completion Tracking tool.

Monitor Student Activity in a Course

Individual student activity in a course site, with detailed information about each tool, is visible via the Class Progress tool. 

  1. ​​Select Edit Course in the navigation bar. 
  2. Select Course Administration. 
  3. Select Class Progress.  
  4. The Class Progress page will open. Select a student name to view more detailed activity information.  
  5. The Progress Summary page will open. ​Select the tool name (e.g., Grades, Discussions, and Submissions) [A] to expand for additional information. 
  6. Select any dropdown arrow [B] to expand for additional information.
  7. Select Course Access [A] to see additional information about when the student has accessed the course.
  8. Select Login History [B] to see additional information about when the student has logged into D2L.
  9. Select the forward or back arrows [C] to navigate to other students.
    Screenshot of the Progress Summary page with the options to see login history and course access highlighted with lettered step markers

NOTE: By default, most of the information on student activity in a section of your course site will not be immediately shown in the Class Progress tool. Select the links below an item name (e.g., the topics in the Content area or folders in Submissions) to view more detailed information.

Check Student Activity in the Content Area

The Completion Tracking tool makes it possible to monitor  student engagement with topics, such as documents, videos, and activities, in Content

  1. Activate either manual or automatic Completion Tracking in Content. (Review the Completion Tracking guide for instructions on activating Completion Tracking.)
  2. Open the topic for review in Content. (Review the Content guide for more instructions on navigating Content.)
  3. Select the Completion Summary bar. 
  4. A list of students and information on their activity related to the topic will be displayed. ​​​​
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