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Editing Panopto Videos

Panopto offers basic video editing features which personalize the video, including trimming and cutting, and splicing in clips. For up-to-date details on all the editing available, and step-by-step instructions, see the Panopto Website.  

Start the Panopto Video Editor

  1. Select Edit Course from the course navigation bar.   
  2. From the dropdown menu select Panopto.   
  3. Panopto will open in a new window. If the video is not located in the present folder, navigate to the video by selecting Browse.
  4. Hover over the video that needs editing and select Edit.
  5. This will open the video editor.  

Editing the Video in Panopto

In the Panopto video editor there is a preview window and a timeline which contains the video clips and corresponding audio.

Trim a Video   

  1. Play the video from the beginning and pause it right before where the cut should start.
  2. Select the cut tool.
  3. A dark gray line will appear at the beginning and end of the timeline.
  4. Select and drag the gray line to trim out the section of the video.
  5. The gray line will snap into position with the red one. This will allow for more precision with cuts.
  6. When done editing, select Apply.

NOTE: See Panopto documentation for more detailed instructions and images as well as other documentation on Panopto editing features such as splicing in other video clips, adding a Table of Contents, and editing the video name.