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Uploading a Video to Panopto

In order to share an .mp4 file like a video or recording in a D2L course, that video must be uploaded to Panopto first. For information on accessing Panopto, see Downloading the Panopto Recorder. See Recording a Zoom Meeting for information on creating an .mp4 file of a Zoom session.

  1. Select Edit Course from the course navigation bar.
  2. Select Panopto.
  3. The Panopto homepage will open in a new window. Select Create [A].
    create button on the panopto homepage
  4. A menu will open. Select Upload media [A].
    menu of create options in panopto
  5. (Optional) A new window will open. Choose a folder to which to upload the video using the “Add files to” dropdown menu.
  6. Select Choose video or audio files.
  7. Locate the .mp4 file on the device and select Open.
  8. The file will process. Once finished processing, the window will read “Upload complete” and the window can be closed.
  9. The video will now appear in the library of the folder to which it was uploaded.


Follow the instructions for Embedding a Panopto Video to add the video to the course.