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Embedding a Video from a Previous Section

When instructors teach a course that they previously taught, they can copy course content from the old section to the new one. Videos in Panopto may need to be copied over as well. Because the videos will be housed in the Panopto folder for the previous course, there are additional steps to take to migrate the video into the new class section.

  1. Select Content in the course navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to the module in which to embed the video or into which the video link has been copied.
  3. Note: If the video link has been copied from a previous course, delete the link using the directions to Delete a Topic. Then, continue with step 3.

  4. Select Upload/Create.
  5. Select Create a File from the dropdown menu. 
  6. A new page will be created and the HTML editor will appear. Enter a title for the new item.
  7. In the following text field, enter text that should appear with the Panopto video, such as a brief description or assignment instructions.
  8. Select the Insert Stuff icon [A].
    insert stuff icon
  9. A pop-up menu with options for adding different types of media will open. Select Panopto Insert Stuff.
  10. Select the text box in which the course name appears [A]. 
    search for course
  11. Search for the previous section. 
  12. Once chosen, select the video to be embedded.
  13. Select the insert button [A].

    Note: If the Insert button is not visible, use the rightmost scroll bar [B] and scroll down to reveal the Insert button.

    insert video
  14. A preview of the file will generate. Select Insert again to confirm.
  15. Select Save and Close.