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Quizzing in Panopto

The quiz tool in Panopto can be used for low-stakes self-assessments that are housed within an existing Panopto session. Quizzes can be inserted at numerous points within an existing recording to assess student comprehension, support key concepts, and increase engagement with videos. Quizzes in a Panopto video will automatically pause playback, so students can take as much time as needed to answer questions.

Add a Quiz to a Panopto Video

  1. Select Edit Course from the course navigation bar.
  2. Select Panopto.
  3. A page with all of the Panopto sessions from the course will open. 
  4. Navigate to the video that needs editing and use the cursor to hover over the thumbnail until icons appear.
  5. Select the movie slate with pencil icon [A].
    screenshot of the panopto home page with a label on the edit button
  6. A pop-up window will open for the video editor. Using the video timeline, select the spot where the quiz will be placed.
  7. A line will appear at the spot that has been selected [A]. Select Quizzes from the side menu [B].
    add a quiz to a panopto video
  8. Select Add a Quiz.
  9. Using the dropdown, select the type of question to be inserted. The default is multiple choice.
  10. Add the question and answer choices, using the circle button next to the choices to indicate the correct answer.
  11. Select Add a Question to continue adding questions or Done to save.
  12. (Optional) Modify settings:
    • Quiz Position: Modify the minute and second mark where the quiz will be inserted.
    • Allow viewers to retake this quiz: Viewers can retake the quiz if they answer questions incorrectly.
    • Show grade after taking this quiz: Viewers will see the grade they achieved on the quiz after completion.
      • Allow review of correct answers and explanations: Viewers will be able to see answers and any explanations for questions. This option can only be chosen if "Show grade after taking this quiz" is selected.
    • Block advancing in the video until answering this quiz: Viewers will not be able to continue watching the video until the quiz has been completed.
  13. (Optional) Repeat steps 5 - 11 to add a quiz to a different spot in the video.
  14. When all quizzes have been added, select Apply to save changes.

Add a Panopto Quiz to a Grade Item

After adding a quiz to a Panopto recording, the recording can be incorporated into the content of a course and added to a grade book as an assignment. When students complete the quiz, their grade will automatically be added to the grade book.

Note: If students are only allowed one attempt at the quiz, be sure that the settings have been modified accordingly in the Panopto editor.

  1. Go to the module or submodule where the recording and quiz will be added.
  2. Select Existing Activities.
  3. Select Add a Video.
  4. A popup window with a list of Panopto recordings will open. Select the recording to upload.
  5. Select Insert [A]. If the button does not appear, use the scrollbar [B] to scroll down to find it.
    select the panopto recording to add to content
  6. The recording will be added to the content. From content, select the name of the recording.
  7. In the Activity Details, navigate to the “Assessment” section.
  8. Use the dropdown menu [A] to select an existing grade item or select the plus sign [B] to create a new grade item.
    add a grade item to a panopto quiz
  9. Select Save.