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Find your Course in D2L

Once you're logged in to D2L,  if you do not see your courses listed in the My Courses widget on your homepage you will need to pin your course.

If you need help with pinning your course, review the video on this page:

Pinning and Unpinning Courses in D2L Daylight

Logging in to D2L

Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are the best browsers to use for accessing D2L. You can log in to the system at d2l.depaul.edu using your Campus Connect credentials.

login page

Viewing your Courses

With the new pinning system, your courses will appear in the order that you pinned them.

Searching for a Specific Course

  1. Click the Select a course... icon (looks like a waffle) in the minibar at the top of any page in D2L. A search box and list of your courses will be displayed.
  2. Enter all or part of the code for the course into the Search for a Course textbox (e.g., CMN_101_102_0970), then click the magnifying glass icon. A list of courses that match the text you entered will be displayed in the dropdown menu.
  3. Click the name of a course to access it.
    my courses widget
  • NOTE

    If you do not see a search box, simply scroll through the list of courses to find the course you need.

Viewing all of your Courses

  1. Click the All in the My Courses widget. The list of courses will be sorted by pinned courses at top and unpinned courses on the bottom. If you have more than 20 courses, you can click View All Courses underneath the My Courses widget.
    Click View All Courses
  2. Click the Filter dropdown to filter by:
    • Quarters
    • Colleges
    • Role
  3. Click the name of a course to access it.
    my courses widget
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