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Course Reserves

The DePaul University Library uses Leganto to manage e-reserves for courses. This tool is managed by the library, and full information for using the system can be found in the library's Course Reserves for Faculty guide.

Adding a Course Reserves link to D2L provides students with easier access to the e-reserves for the course.  This link can also be used by the instructor for quick access to requesting and adding reserve materials. 

Add a Course Reserves Link to Content

  1. Select Content on the course navigation bar.
  2. Go to the module in which a link to Course Reserves is to be added (or create a new module if needed.)
  3. Select Add Existing Activities [A].
  4. Select External Learning Tools from the dropdown menu [B].
    screenshot of a d2l module with labels on adding an existing activity options
  5. The Add Activity window will open. Select Course Reserves.
  6. The window will close, and the Course Reserves link will appear as a topic in the module.

To populate a Course Reserves list, follow the library's Course Reserves for Faculty guide.