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Student View in D2L

The Student View option can be a useful tool to make sure proper settings have been applied while building a D2L course. It is particularly useful for verifying that date restrictions and visibility settings have been properly set up.

Activate Student View

  1. Select the name [A] in the minibar.
  2. Select View as Student [B].
    select view as student
  3. The course page will refresh and the minibar will now say  “as student” under the user name. 

Note: While in student view, access to view a quiz is denied. To view a quiz as a student see Previewing Quizzes.

Cancel Student View

  1. From any page in the course, select the name in the top minibar.
  2. Select the X next to "Viewing as Student" [A].
    select x link to cancel student view
  3. The course page will refresh and  full instructor controls will return.